Campaign Committee

Critical to our effort to bring opportunities to the vulnerable individuals that we serve, is the work of our Campaign Committee. This special group of community members serve as ambassadors and advisors, helping to grow our network and raise awareness for our mission.

The following members are dynamic influencers, passionate about raising visibility and support for Citizens Inn.


Mary Bellavance headshot

Mary Bellavance

"I firmly believe that every person deserves to have a place to call home. A home where they feel safe and secure and can eat three meals a day. A home to shelter them from the rain and a yard to play in and grow a garden. No person should ever have to worry about where they are going to sleep or get their next meal. Citizens Inn is a front runner in helping this dream become a reality. I applaud their efforts and will do my best to further their mission."

Martha Holden headshot

Martha Holden

"I am drawn to the mission of Citizens Inn as it provides opportunities for all people to thrive in our community. When issues of housing and food insecurity are met, people can better provide for themselves, take care of their families, and have more opportunities to control their destiny and achieve their goals in life."


Alyse Barbash
Stephanie Blomberg
Sister Leonore Coan
Matt Genzale
Mike Irgens
Debbie MacGregor
Teresa Reade
Sara Runnals
Vanessa Silveira
Jon Shuman

Honorary Campaign Committee
(As of October 2021)

Mayor Ted Bettencourt
Nate Bryant
Magnolia Contreras and David Solimine, Jr.
Mayor Kim Driscoll
Senator Joan Lovely
Kevin Tierney
Dr. Christine Valdez