Building a Stable Foundation For Housing and Food Security

The Citizens Inn To Opportunity campaign aims to bring comprehensive services in dignified spaces to better address the root causes of homelessness and hunger.


Our Mission

Citizens Inn aims to break the patterns of instability that lead to homelessness and hunger for every individual served.

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How We Help

Our programs equip clients with the tools necessary to unlock opportunities to live with financial independence by providing long-term, individualized solutions. Citizens Inn provides shelter and comprehensive support services to 35 families at a time in our shelters, Inn Between and Inn Transition, and providing nourishment to nearly 6,000 individuals annually through our pantry and community meals program, Haven from Hunger.

Where You Come In

Your partnership has always been vital to our delivery of holistic, compassionate services to individuals in crisis. Now, more than ever, your support and advocacy are critical as we expand our services and physical spaces to mirror the demands in our community. Citizens Inn relies on philanthropy to fund 100% of Haven from Hunger and our special shelter programs.


Where Your Funds Go

The Citizens Inn to Opportunity Campaign focuses on four key priority areas, aimed at laying a stable foundation – increasing support for the whole person, in dignified spaces.

We have realized the opportunity to transform two of our key spaces to ones where our clients feel proud visiting and living. Haven from Hunger and portions of the Inn Between will be renovated to match the dignified experience we aim to deliver. Your partnership will also enable the programs at Haven from Hunger – our pantry, community meals, and broader Resource Center – to continue to run at an increased, expanded capacity, and will ensure families in shelter can leverage our Children’s Enrichment Program, health and wellness classes, mental health counseling, and substance use groups to ultimately find stability.